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Mini Fabric Wardrobe
Item No: KT-5945
Size: 59x45x138cm
Packing: 6PCS
Qty: 2892PCS/20GP 7000PCS/40HQ

70g non-woven fabric cover
Metal tube frame
Color box packing
Brown ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Kids Lounge Chair
Item No: KT-98181CH
Size: 38x38x65cm
Packing: 20PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.119cbm
Qty: 4700PCS/20GP, 11420PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT18055 Clothes Dryer
Size: W55XH95XL180/CM
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Qty: 3876PCS/40HQ

Tube: 16/13/12mm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Wire: 2.5mm

At present, our products have been ...
Min. Order: 600 Pieces
ITEM NO: KT-93046CH Folding Beach Chair
Size: 165x65x113/CM
Packing: 2pc/ctn
Qty: 344 pcs/20
810 pcs/40
Min. Order: 450 Pieces
Item No: KT9962CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 30x30x44cm
Packing: 14PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.136cbm/CTN
Qty: 2888PCS/20GP, 7000PCS/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98037CH Folding Lounge Chair
Size: 47x81x80cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.20cbm
Qty: 762PCS/20GP, 1854PCS/40HQ
Wooden Kids Chair
Item No: KT5109CH-W
Size: 29x29x53cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Qty: 900PCS/20GP, 2232PCS/40HQ
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT91002CH
Size: 49x49x80cm
Packing: 8PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.0745cbm
Qty: 3000PCS/20GP, 7296PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT2729-2
Shoe rack
Size: 64x19x33cm
Packing: 20pcs/ctn
Qty: 5080pcs/20GP, 12360pcs/40HQ
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Item No: KT-81015
Size: 60x4x6cm
Packing: 150pcs/ctn
Qty: 63600pcs/20GP 154650pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT006
Table Size: 80x50x72cm
Chair Size: 30x30x67cm
Packing: 1set/CTN
Qty: 540PCS/20GP 1287PCS/40HQ

1 table &1chair = 1set

Meanwhile we have all kinds of ...
Min. Order: 400 Pieces
Item No: KT2415/13P Plastic Table Ironing Board
Size: 60x36x19/cm
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 62x38x42/cm (0.0989/cbm)
Qty: 3636pcs/20GP, 8484pcs/40HQ

Meanwhile we have all ...
Item No: KT9903CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 28x28x46/CM
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.148cbm/ctn
Qty: 2268pcs/20GP, 5508pcs/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98228CH Folding Fish Chair
Size: 33x30x62cm
Packing: 20PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.13cbm
Qty: 3440PCS/20GP, 8368PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT93045CH Folding Beach Chair
Size: 153x60x37cm
Packing: 4PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.22cbm
Qty: 488PCS/20GP, 1216PCS/40HQ
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Wooden Kids Chair
Item No: KT5114CH-W
Size: 29x28x57cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Qty: 2412pcs/20GP, 6000pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT88B1015
Size: 65x35x120cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 510PCS/20GP 1238PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT9930BD
Size: 193X63X36/CM
Packing: 1PC/ctn
Meas: 0.082CBM
Qty: 341PCS/20GP 829PCS/40HQ

* Nylon clothes, 25mm tube.
Min. Order: 150 Pieces
Tv trolly
Item No: KTV01B-22
Size: 60L x 40W x 74H/cm
Packing: 1pc/ctn
Qty: 1714pcs/20GP, 3900pcs/40HQ
Board color: Black, beech, brown
Leg color: Black, silver.
Board ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Child Lounge Chair
Item No: KT9973CH
Size: 50x50x47cm
Packing: 10pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.12cbm
Qty: 2330pcs/20GP, 5660pcs/40HQ
Folding Bed
Item No: KT-9930BD
Packing: 1PCS/CTN
Qty: 341PCS/20GP, 829PCS/40HQ

PE-coated tube diam.: 25mm; Tube thickness: 0.6mm, bed cover: 600D nylon oxford clothes. Brown ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Wooden Baby Chair
Item No: KT5122CH-W
Size: 46x62x81cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 346PCS/20GP, 858PCS/40HQ
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT9974CH
Size: 78x78x74cm
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.195cbm
Qty: 572pcs/20GP, 1392pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT9101CH-P Plastic chair
Size: 38x38x79.5cm
Packing: 1pc/(without ctn)
Meas: 0.0223cbm/ctn
Qty: 1255pcs/20GP, 3050pcs/40HQ
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Three Lounge Chair
Item No: KT98079CH
Size: 150x50x80cm
Packing: 3PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.056cbm
Qty: 1500PCS/20GP, 3642PCS/40HQ
Item No: KTD-S183F
Folding Plastic Table
Size: 183x76x73.5cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 340PCS/20GP 826PCS/40HQ.
Student table and chair
Table size: 70x49x95cm
Chair size: 29x34x66cm
Packing: 1set/CTN
Qty: 600set/20GP, 1470sets/40HQ

Board thinkness: 15mm
Metal tube: 20x50mm ...
Min. Order: 300 Sets
Student table and chair
Table size: 69x45x91cm
Chair size: 33x30x66cm
Packing: 1set/CTN
Qty: 640set/20GP, 1570sets/40HQ

Board thinkness: 15mm
Metal tube: 20x50mm ...
Min. Order: 300 Sets