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ITEM NO: KT-93046CH Folding Beach Chair
Size: 165x65x113/CM
Packing: 2pc/ctn
Qty: 344 pcs/20
810 pcs/40
Min. Order: 450 Pieces
Kids Lounge Chair
Item No: KT-98181CH
Size: 38x38x65cm
Packing: 20PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.119cbm
Qty: 4700PCS/20GP, 11420PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT3212/19W
Wooden table ironing board
Size: 81x30x16cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Qty: 5700pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT9962CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 30x30x44cm
Packing: 14PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.136cbm/CTN
Qty: 2888PCS/20GP, 7000PCS/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98037CH Folding Lounge Chair
Size: 47x81x80cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.20cbm
Qty: 762PCS/20GP, 1854PCS/40HQ
Wooden Kids Chair
Item No: KT5109CH-W
Size: 29x29x53cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Qty: 900PCS/20GP, 2232PCS/40HQ
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT91002CH
Size: 49x49x80cm
Packing: 8PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.0745cbm
Qty: 3000PCS/20GP, 7296PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT2415/13P Plastic Table Ironing Board
Size: 60x36x19/cm
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 62x38x42/cm (0.0989/cbm)
Qty: 3636pcs/20GP, 8484pcs/40HQ

Meanwhile we have all ...
Wooden kids stool
Item No: KT5115CH-W
Size: 27.5x20x24cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Qty: 3474pcs/20GP, 8622pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT5415-3020M metal Ironing Board

Size: 137x38x90cm

Packing: 4pcs/ctn(0.158cbm)

Qty: 708pcs/20GP 1720pcs/40HQ

Tube Diam: 30x20mm.
Min. Order: 1 X20GP
Item No: KT9903CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 28x28x46/CM
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.148cbm/ctn
Qty: 2268pcs/20GP, 5508pcs/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98228CH Folding Fish Chair
Size: 33x30x62cm
Packing: 20PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.13cbm
Qty: 3440PCS/20GP, 8368PCS/40HQ
Wooden Kids Chair
Item No: KT5114CH-W
Size: 29x28x57cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Qty: 2412pcs/20GP, 6000pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT88B1015
Size: 65x35x120cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 510PCS/20GP 1238PCS/40HQ
Item No: T-Leg Ironing Board(KT3815-25T)
Size: 97x38x90/cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN(0.163cbm)
Qty: 2500PCS/40HQ 1032PCS/20GP

Silica, cotton or T/C cover is available,
Other size of ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Item No: T-Leg Ironing Board(KT4313-25T)
Size: 110x33x90/cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn(0.136cbm)
Qty: 3000pcs/40HQ 1230pcs/20GP

Silica, cotton or T/C cover is available,
Other size ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Child Lounge Chair
Item No: KT9973CH
Size: 50x50x47cm
Packing: 10pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.12cbm
Qty: 2330pcs/20GP, 5660pcs/40HQ
Wooden Baby Chair
Item No: KT5122CH-W
Size: 46x62x81cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 346PCS/20GP, 858PCS/40HQ
Mesh Top Ironing Board
1) Expanded metal top allows maximum steam penetration
2) Fold flat for storage
3) Variable height adjust up to 90cm
4) Silver,Cotton or ...
Min. Order: 1 X40HQ
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT9974CH
Size: 78x78x74cm
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.195cbm
Qty: 572pcs/20GP, 1392pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT9101CH-P Plastic chair
Size: 38x38x79.5cm
Packing: 1pc/(without ctn)
Meas: 0.0223cbm/ctn
Qty: 1255pcs/20GP, 3050pcs/40HQ
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Three Lounge Chair
Item No: KT98079CH
Size: 150x50x80cm
Packing: 3PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.056cbm
Qty: 1500PCS/20GP, 3642PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT4815-3020Mmetal Ironing Board

Size: 122x38x90cm

Packing: 4pcs/ctn(0.139cbm)

Qty: 808pcs/20GP 1960pcs/40HQ

Tube Diam: 30x20mm.
Min. Order: 1 X20GP
Item No: KT4612/19W Wooden Ironing Board
Size: 117x30x78/cm
Packing: 2pcs/bundle
Meas: 122x30.5x7.50/cm (0.0279)
G. W: 8.80kgs/bundle
N. W: 8.60kgs/bundle
Qty: 5000pcs/40HQ ...
Min. Order: 800 Pieces