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Item No: KTW2103 Non-woven wardrobe
Size: 45Wx74Lx179H/cm
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Qty: 1188pcs/20GP, 2892pcs/40HQ
ItemNo:KT7045A Woven Closet
Size: 70LX45WX158/CM
Meas: 0.058cbm
Packing: 4pc/ctn
G.W. 9.60kgs/ctn
N.W. 10.00kgs/ctn
Qty: 4700pcs/1x40HQ
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Item No: KT9962CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 30x30x44cm
Packing: 14PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.136cbm/CTN
Qty: 2888PCS/20GP, 7000PCS/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98037CH Folding Lounge Chair
Size: 47x81x80cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.20cbm
Qty: 762PCS/20GP, 1854PCS/40HQ
Table Size: 60x60x69cm
Chair Size: 39.5x39.5x78cm
Qty: 300sets/20GP. 700sets/40HQ

1 Table + 2PCS chair= 1set
Item No: KT2106 Folding Bed
Size: 185LX76WX36H/CM
Packing: 1pc/ctn
G. W: 19.00KGS
N. W: 17.00KGS
Qty: 400pcs/40HQ
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Item No: KT004D
71X49X102/CM (Table)
40X30X71cm (chair)
Packing: 1sets/ctns
Meas: 0.046cbm
G. W: 21.00KGS/CTN
N. W: 20.00KGS/CTN
Qty: ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT91002CH
Size: 49x49x80cm
Packing: 8PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.0745cbm
Qty: 3000PCS/20GP, 7296PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT9902CH-P Platic stool
Size: 31X31X45/CM
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.1405cbm/ctn
Qty: 2388pcs/20GP, 5796pcs/40HQ

Color: Yellow, red, green, blue, gray.
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KTD-Y25
Folding Plastic Chair
Size: 46x38x84cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Qty: 714pcs/20GP 1740pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT004E
SIZE: 60x40x60-71.5/cm (table)
36x32x66-76/cm (chair)
Packing: 1sets/ctns
Meas: 62x41x12/cm (0.0305)
G. W: 9.00kgs/ctn
N. W: ...
Min. Order: 400 Pieces
Item No: KT9903CH-P Plastic stool
Size: 28x28x46/CM
Packing: 12pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.148cbm/ctn
Qty: 2268pcs/20GP, 5508pcs/40HQ

Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, gray
Min. Order: 1,300 Pieces
Item No: KT98228CH Folding Fish Chair
Size: 33x30x62cm
Packing: 20PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.13cbm
Qty: 3440PCS/20GP, 8368PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT88B1015
Size: 65x35x120cm
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 510PCS/20GP 1238PCS/40HQ
Item No: KTD-S77B
Folding Plastic Table
Size: 77x50x72cm
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Qty: 1008pcs/20GP 2448pcs/40HQ
Item No: KTD-S77
Folding Plastic Table
Size: 77x50x65cm
Packing: 2pcs/ctn
Qty: 1535pcs/20GP 3726pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT2729-6
Shoe rack
Size: 64x19x93cm
Packing: 8PCS/CTN
Qty: 1920PCS/20GP, 4616PCS/40HQ
Metal Top Ironing Board
1) Expanded metal top allows maximum steam penetration
2) Fold flat for storage
3) Variable height adjust up to 90cm ...
Item NO:KT9939CH-P Plastic Folding chair
SIZE: 40X46X83/CM
MEAS: 98X27X46/CM (0.1217)
QTY: 1476PCS/20GP 3348PCS/40HQ

TUBE ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Three Lounge Chair
Item No: KT98079CH
Size: 150x50x80cm
Packing: 3PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.056cbm
Qty: 1500PCS/20GP, 3642PCS/40HQ
Folding Lounge Chair
Item No: KT98057CH
Size: 54x54x90cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.07cbm
Qty: 2400PCS/20GP, 5826PCS/40HQ
Double Lounge Chair w/Table
Item No: KT98076CH
Size: 152x52x90cm
Packing: 2PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.068cbm
Qty: 827PCS/20GP, 2000PCS/40HQ
Folding Bed
Item No: KT2130
Packing: 1PC/CTN
Qty: 87pcs/20GP, 216PCS/40HQ

Pe-coated tube diam: 25x25/18x18/10x20mm, thickness: 1.0/08mm, sponge: 70mm, particl borad 80x25cm ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Student table and chair
Table size: 60x40x76cm
Chair size: 36.5x36x75cm
Packing: 1set/ctn
Qty: 622set/20GP, 1511sets/40HQ

Board thinkness: 15mm
Metal tube leg: ...
Min. Order: 300 Sets
Double Lounge Chair
Item No: KT98078CH
Size: 104x52x90cm
Packing: 6PCS/CTN
Meas: 0.102cbm
Qty: 1644PCS/20GP, 3996PCS/40HQ
Item No: KT4815/22C
Metal ironing board with clothes shelf
Size: 122x38x90cm
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.138cbm
Qty: 868pcs/20GP 2024pcs/40HQ
Item No: KT4313/19M Metal ironing board
Size: 109x33x88cm
Packing: 6pcs/ctn
Meas: 0.1028cbm/ctn
Qty: 1632pcs/20GP
Min. Order: 800 Pieces
Folding Table and Chair
Table size: 70x70x71cm
Chair size: 30x30x67cm
Packing; 1set/ctn
1set=1table + 2 chairs
Qty: 390sets/20GP, 940sets/40HQ

Particl board: 15mm ...
Min. Order: 300 Sets
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